About Us

We are more than happy to give you a helping hand, our motto here is "happy to help" that is our foundation and motivation in what we write in this blog.

The writers of this blog are Psychologists and Councilors like Lue Wong, Joseph Valentine, Ian Tumblod(still a student from the Philippines) and Park Min Jeong. I say thank you for them for not asking for any sum of money or any kind of payment in putting in their time knowledge and effort.

I also would like thank the others (which the names I wouldn't mention because there too many of you) who did there best to make the organization "Helping Hand" helping the youth of today who are lost or have chosen a dark path in there lives helping them get back on track. The articles that are published here and will be published here are true and genuine. Mostly made by the people mentioned above.

Thank you for reading