Sunday, April 18, 2010


The first impression

First impression, It is said in a study in the 1970 that 88% of the people never change their first impression towards another human being and that it takes 2 minutes for you to be judged and it is true. I’m going to ask you. When you had a first impression towards another person didn’t you judge right away? With limited information we give a verdict right. Some of us don’t but most of us do, because we are human beings. If you are one of those who are gifted in seeing beyond the first impression good for you but unfortunately not all of us are given with that talent.

First impressions are usually wrong especially in face to face contacts verbal communication. Why? I’ll tell you why people give there best foot forward when meeting a new person because this is how we are trained its also a defensive stance since we don’t know the person we are dealing with its just right to be in our best behavior we are still measuring the person that were dealing with. Just a hint people are nicest when you first meet them. This is true think about it when you met your neighbor , office mate etc.. isn’t he or she nice to you!? =D

We human usually don’t change our first impression it kind of sticks right!? What’s your impression about your next door neighbor? When you first saw them are they weird? Are they polite and nice? 90% of the time we don’t change that impression unless we get to know that person, we immediately judge and we are also being judged.

That is why first impression are very important so make sure you make a good one every time, it may be the difference between success and failure especially in business where the first impression can decide if that person will make a transaction with you or not. Remember the first 2 minutes is crucial. So here are some things you have to remember.

1. Presentation- “Don’t judge a book by its cover” but people usually do so make sure you are presentable iron you clothes, brush your teeth, comb you hair, ware cologne if you must (but please a cologne that smells nice

2. Good Manners- please be polite say thank you smile, having good manners is important nobody would like to be around you if you yawned and stretched at the person when he is talking.

3. Attractive speech- The way you talk is essential sometimes we say things that we don’t mean so be careful

4. Body language- 90% of communication is none verbal, 60% of which is body language 30% is voice inclined your tone the speed which your are talking etc… so sometimes this is the one that gets us into trouble.

I only listed down four since they are the most important but other characteristics like humor, intelligence, consideration also add in improving your personal magnetism.

In a nutshell: It is true that most humans are judged immediately through first impression so it is essential for us to have a good one. It is very hard to change ones it has been established it is the difference between getting hired from a job interview or getting a beautiful girls number. First impressions are usually based on physical appearance, manners, speech, body language by improving these things