Saturday, May 8, 2010

The infection of the unhappy

The infection of the unhappy and unlucky people should be avoided at all costs. It may be downright rude to some but if you want to be happy you have to associate yourself with happy people those people who attract positive vibe in their lives.
Being unhappy and unlucky is like a disease it’s so contagious that you won’t even know you’re infected and when you do it’s already too late the damage is already done.

Let me give you a true to life story. When I was in college I had a close friend Angelo John he was a pretty cool guy he was tall, athletic, smart and also good looking (I’m more good looking of course =D) I could easily say that at age 19 he had a real bright future ahead of him. He was a real cool guy to be with.

At our enrolment during second semester he met a girl named Pauline, bow she was like a bombshell I’ma tell you she was hot, she was a couple of years older than us but John being the guy that he is approached the girl got her number and in a few weeks she became his girlfriend. But it wasn’t ALL that, this Pauline girl had a child and issue’s about custody, had another boyfriend and had unfinished business with him, she also had debts in the bank, unpaid credit cards and who knows what other misfortunes she had…she only could study cause her dad wanted to give her a chance. John told me all of this, I spoke to the girl myself and she really had gigantic issues. But John never really cared she loved her so much as the months went by, he applied for a part time job in a newspaper company as messenger guy, so he often missed class (we were still classmates in some classes Speech and Stats) John just really wanted to help her out with her issues… and at the end of the semester John wasn’t able to pass his subject.

By next semester I heard he wasn’t able to go to class anymore he used his tuition because Pauline’s son was sick and she really needed the money for the kid.
The last news I’ve heard about John was that he killed himself after Pauline left him.. he loved the girl so much that in her death note. It says “you’re the only girl I ever loved Pauline” he was 22.

What I’m saying here is true and honest… John was my friend I told him more than once to leave this Pauline girl but he only got angry. I knew that this girl was no good but John was so in love with her, he wanted to help her so bad that he gave away everything he had thinking that things may change in her life and that he would be able to help her.BUT NO Pauline's problem was to deep to be helped only her alone can fix her life no one else.

I feel bad for my friend he was a nice guy who had his whole life ahead of him. Pauline destroyed it intentionally or unintentionally if John never approached her in the first place.. Who knows we could be drinking beer together today. But that will never happen.

In a nutshell: We should avoid the unlucky people,You may think that you are helping but in reality your just sinking yourself into the problems of the infecter in John's was Pauline. We should associate ourselves to the people who are in good spirit who attract good luck. In return we too will be infected by their good vibe and good things will come to us. Let us be friend with those people who are successful and the people who are good in fields we are not. If we do we will eventually acquire some of the things they have and help us succeed in life.

Never ignore this, I wrote this article for my friend John who was a victim of infection that could have been avoided.

-Kim Ian M. Tumblod