Thursday, June 3, 2010

The University of Life

The University of Life

Are you breathing? Are you still alive? Well you are currently enrolled in the University of life and you only graduate when you inevitably meet God.

Life is like a big school full classes. All sorts of it and the teacher is experience. The funny thing is in the school of life you have to take the exam first then you learn the lesson.

A good example of this is when we were kids, our parents told us don’t play with fire or don’t touch that it’s hot but we did anyway and we go burned. Then we learned. Not to touch that it’s hot if we do we get hurt.

Problems in life are like the exams we blindly take it without knowing the answers. Some of us run and hide but most of us do answer it. After the exam the lesson is presented. Its up to us if we learn it or not. That’s why if you don’t face your problems and run away from it the problem usually just stays and if it does go away the same kind of problem arises again in a different form sometimes in a much more complex state. Just like dropping your subject if you do so, it doesn't mean you won’t have to take it again. If you keep on failing the subject life must enroll you to a special program called School of Hard Knox where the lessons are tougher.

Unlike any other school the University of Life never runs out of lessons you just keep on learning on small things and in big things. There is a saying “the worst mistake you can do is repeating the same mistake” Why because the lesson has already been given to you by Ms.Experience why would you make the same mistake?

If you don’t learn the lesson you have to take the exam again and again and again until you learn it. Unfortunately most of us don’t learn the lesson the first time.

So from now on face your problems for they are the classrooms and exams you have to take to learn the LESSONS in the University of Life.

-Kim Ian M. Tumblod

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