Tuesday, September 7, 2010



What is love? In philosophical context it represents all of humanities kindness, In religion it is the Devinne law that we must abide.

The truth is actually don't have definition of it nor plan to know what it means. But I do know this that it feels good and we all need it. Our need for it is insatiable we will always be hungry for it. No matter what.

So how do we get love from other people? Well firstly you have to have love. How can you give something if you don have it? To have love is to love yourself first if you don't Ill show you how.

I used to hate myself when I was young I thought it was an actual sin my mother gave birth to me in this God forsaken world.Until I heard this song it says "the greatest love of all is loving oneself" I thought it was corny as hell but it was right. Then I thought I can actually love myself... What I did was I thought of the things that I like about myself. I listed them on a piece of paper actually 20 of the qualities I like about me , and every day I try to think more of the things I like about me and kept on adding it on that piece of paper. I focused my energy on the things that I like about me. Then slowly I began to like myself I exercised, eat well, slept better.. I became good to myself over all.

After that my relationships improved with my mother, brother, sister and the other people around me since I was now able to give love. No more hate. Just Love. And you know what the more I gave love to other people the more I received love. I saw that if I was kinder to others they would give the kindness back.

This is true I'm not kidding and this turn around happened 3 years ago
and just like the Golden book says "do unto other what you want to do unto you"

-Kim Ian M. Tumblod

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