Sunday, April 18, 2010

Attracting people in our lives

Attracting people in our lives

Ever wonder why people just attract positive people and their lives and some people just has bad luck on their side attracting negative people in their lives?

We are the ones who attract the people in our lives, its not because of bad faith or simply bad luck. Its our actions and the decisions we make our habits. I’ll give you an example. Laura is a 32 year old woman who is unsatisfied with her life she says “men are pigs and they treat me like a rug” and that’s what she exactly gets.

When Laura finally met a nice guy named Dave she gets treated nicely opens the doors for her and makes her feel that she is worthy and special, but somehow Laura rejects it, she feels awkward because she believes ‘men are not nice, why is he nice to me? There must be something wrong with him” he finally rejects Dave who is a nice guy, Dave gives up. Then Laura finds Bob who is a macho bad boy who treats her like trash then she feels comfortable with it then complains. “Why do I always get men like this?”

Lets take Dave he is a 24 year old guy who always gets into trouble. His mentality is when a person bumps me or looks at me differently he is asking for trouble and since I'm tough I shouldn't back down. So wherever he goes he has this "I am tough" mentality don't mess with me... so he finds enemies wherever he goes then he wonders. Why does trouble follow me?

Believe it or not we actually get what we want by just thinking of it. You don’t believe me? Ever thought of a person or an object then suddenly you see it when you walk by the street.

We usually get what we ask for? Our mind is like a magnet we attract the things to our lives weather it’s a good thing or a bad thing. Ever thought of a person or an object then you see that object when you by the street. Or how about this ever thought that your new gardener, electrician, employee is a total imbecile and that person turns out to be one. To make things more broad have you ever had a bad week where everything was just a disaster and the more you think about it the more bad stuff happens to you. Yes we usually attract the things that happen in our lives be it psychologically or theoretic science what we call “Law of attraction”

How do you become positive in life?

Think positive, when you do good things happen, good people come to our lives=)

Kim Ian M. Tumblod