Sunday, April 18, 2010

Plan your way to success

Plan your way to success

Plan up until the end, plan all the way through anticipating all the possible the consequences, problems twists and turns that might happen. Murphy’s law states that ‘if something might bad happen it will”. By planning your way to the very end you will not be circumstances. Think ahead and will your own fortune.


There is an old folklore about a young man named Lamang he was the leader of the hunters and was valiant and brave.He loved her wife Bulan above anything else, she possessed the beauty of a goddess.One time when Lamang was away to hunt along with the other men in the village. The hunting trip usually lasted for days. While they were away a group of bandits who went to their village to plunder there village they killed of all the men and raped the woman and kidnapped some of them.

When Lamang arrived he was shocked of what has happened he searched for his wife all over the village but she was not there. Being a good hunter and tracker he formed a group to track bandits with only 7 men the same men who went to hunt with him for days, he followed the trail of the bandits through the thick jungle with only a his spear in his hand no food no water. He must get his wife back.

Undaunted he and the marched through the forest following there tracks with the sheer will of getting her beautiful wife Bulan , for thirty days and thirty one nights he followed there trail not stopping. There was no power in the world that would ever stop him from getting her back so he continued with all the wild beasts constantly threatening them. When they were hungry they grabbed he ordered the man to eat anything they could find but never stop moving forward. When they finally caught up to them his men where weak and sickly and so was he, but it didn't matter to him because he finally found his beautiful wife tied along a tree where the bandits where having a camp fire there where about 30 of them. Lamang who was weak and sickly because of the nonstop tracking was fueled with anger and hate he immediately came out and rushed out to kill the bandits without hesitation his men being loyal to him also rushed in to help their leader. He was able to slash one and another but being out numbered and weak Lamang was killed by the bandits with his men and his wife still being captive.

Lesson: Plan your way to the very end. Sheer will power alone can’t take you to success although it can take you far. You must see what is ahead of you. Don’t think with your heart as the heart is ruled by passion and not strategy. If Lamang only think with his head he could have been able to rescue her wife with the element of surprise he had to his advantage. They could have brought some food supply and more men with them even stronger weapons. He was too blinded with anger and passion which is dangerous.

It is said that God knows everything including the future to the utmost details. We humans only know our past and present. Imagine if we can see our future by planning ahead isn’t that like having God like powers? I’m not saying we should be blasphemous. By planning ahead and seeing all variable that could be a threat to us we would see the future and will it to our advantage to attain our goal.