Friday, April 23, 2010

How to enchance personality

So you say to yourself. I’m just a small dot in this world. What can I do? Well think again you have the gift of intelligence and the free will to do whatever you want to make it in life. I’m gonna ask you something. Did Hitler knew that he would command the grandest army in the world? Or did Borack Obama ever knew that he would be the first African American president? How about Kenny Rogers he was an old man before making an empire out of fried chiken. So don’t undersestimate yourself you could be larger than life.
Why are you here in this world? To answer your question you are here because you have a purpose you have a task. Where you and you alone can accomplish without you, it will not be done. That’s why you are here and since you have free will you can do whatever you want
Though shall improve. By reading you now have the obligation to improve yourself everyday its not your fault your personality is like that it because you were raised that way but you will be blamed for it in the future for not doing anything about it. So how do you improve?

1.Learn new things everyday. This way you won’t be stuck in one place and have a stagnant idea

2.Acquire new skills maybe like riding a bike or whatever, sky is the limit

3.Read read read

4.Never give up on improving yourself you won’t improve in just one whole day. Its just like lifting weights if you lift weight for a week you will gain a bit of muscles but if you lift weight week after after week then you will have the body you never thought you have.