Friday, May 14, 2010

Blaming other people

Blaming other people

People who blame others are unhappy.Wouldn't you agree? Well I used to be then I realized back in college that blaming people is for LOSERS. Don’t be offended if you’re the type for I am telling you the truth.

Let’s take a closer look.

Jared is an accountant at a telecommunication company he is a “blamer”. One time he came home late 1am in the morning from drinking beer with his buddies from work. Her wife Donna was already asleep when he got home. Jared still had work the following day but decided to watch TV for one hour more then he went to sleep. When he finally woke up it was already past 10am he had missed work and was suppose to get up 6:30 in the morning for work at 8:00. He was so angry at his wife he shouted “Why didn’t you wake me up I missed work!? You ignorant fool”. Donna says “What? Its my fault? If you didn’t drink beer with your friends last night you could have woke earlier. Then Jared replies you should have set the alarm clock to 6:30… I missed work its you fault..

This is the case of Anthony

One time Anthony and his sibling Josh and Amber went swimming at a local swimming pool along with other relatives because of a party. They had fun and all that and after the swimming they all took showers. Amber being the youngest and the only girl told both his brothers to put the wet clothes in the plastic bag. So they did. Upon getting home the plastic bags were emptied. Then poof!? Anthony the oldest brothers black T-shirt was gone, he went crazy and told both of his sibling Josh and Amber that they were incompetent and had no sense of propriety. Anthony asks Amber? Why didn’t you check my clothes? You should have checked my clothes call our Aunt ask her where it is…(at 1am) He shouts and curses blaming the two for his lost T-shirt.. He says “It’s your fault” both of you should have checked if my black shirt was in the plastic bag, he also asks “Josh did you see my shirt when I came back to the cottage?” Josh says no. He insults him telling him that he should be responsible enough to see the things around him…...and Anthony is 26 years old by the way.. very responsible(sarcasm).

These people are the people who are unhappy in life.. The ones who blame blame blame..others. Its everybody’s fault but not theres, If John only didn’t drink beer last night or at least turned on the alarm clock he would have never missed work, if Anthony was responsible enough to check his own clothes in the plastic bag he would have never lost his shirt. But they chose not to be responsible instead they blame others they made an escape goat an easy way out of their mistakes by blaming. A lot of people do blame others. I know I blamed other people as well in my younger years but this should be changed.

Take responsibility and don’t blame. Everything that happens in your life is because it was your choice. YES your actions led you to that misfortune in life. Don’t blame and responsible because if you do blame YOU WILL ALWAYS KEEP ON BLAMING OTHERS but not yourself. If you do blame it will be an unending trend. You will always do it not unless you STOP NOW.

Don’t blame anyone you’re a drug addict or you got fired from your job, its not other people fault its yours. Now that you know this stop blaming others for whom you are and what you became to be as a person. Stop saying "if my mom only helped me" or "If only my girlfriend was here I would be happy" OK STOP its nobody's fault your miserable its YOU. If your obese then take responsibility to go on a diet if your a teenage delinquent get back to school and study.

Although I must say that we can't control everything in our lives but we have more than enough over it to take responsibility, stop blaming and be happy in life.

Take responsibility and don’t blame LOSERS do that and its time for you to become a WINNER in life=)

-Kim Ian M. Tumblod

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