Thursday, May 20, 2010

Getting Nervous

Getting nervous

Do you ever get nervous?
Do other people make you nervous?
Ok!? So that means you also make other people nervous.

People who look calm, cool and steady are not really that confident
Sometimes there the most nervous of all people, they are just good in hiding it.

It kinda goes like this…

You have a new neighbor named Jared
He seems pretty cool and confident, your actually interested in knowing him. So you say I'm going to say hi to him he seems to be a pretty nice guy, you went to you local grocery to get some supplies, Jared was also there shopping. You wanted to say Hi… but you were nervous and thought “ what if he doesn't acknowledge me?” then I’ll get embarrassed. So you didn't say Hi…
A few days later when you were having a walk you happen to come across with Jared “you say again to yourself again "this time I’d say Hi but what if he is a snob and he doesn't want to talk to me?”

3 months later you went to a neighbors party and Jared was introduced to you then Jared says..” I see you around the neighborhood we even go to the same grocery store. I really wanted to say hi… but I was nervous you wouldn't talk to me”, What a coincidence? Wouldn't it be great if we just set aside our egos and just say stop getting nervous and just say "Hi, how are you? I see you around name is (your name), What's yours?"
This also applies to other stuff. The girl/boy you like, your classmate, your sisters office mate the list goes on and on with different circumstances at hand. It’s our fear of rejection that blocks us from saying hi or hello I’d like to get to know you. Of course I’m not saying that you won’t get rejected but if you think about it we ALL get rejected, but you never know unless you try. Think about it this way if you see a person who seems very interesting.. go ahead and talk to that person. Just say hi or hello, you never know you could be very good friends with him or her. You just never know.
You would know never unless you try.

So just remember these thing….

1. All of us get nervous.

2. You talk to someone in a nice way, you say hi or hello and that person is a snob or acknowledges you in an unfriendly way smile and walk away, he is the one who has a problem.

3. People often times are just waiting to be approached and want to talk there just shy go ahead and initiate, cause if you don’t nothing happens

Go ahead and initiate the conversation if you do this you will gain many many friends in your life=)