Monday, May 31, 2010

Getting attached

Getting attached

You’ve heard it millions of times in love songs “I love you so much you’re my whole world” , “I won’t be complete without you” or I won’t be happy without you. To make things clear the message being presented is “I’m too attached to you I can’t afford of losing you”. Unfortunately this is wrong YOU ARE A WHOLE PERSON YOU DON’T NEED ANYONE TO FEEL COMPLETE or to make you happy that’s a fact. Being happy is a choice

Now this doesn't just apply on people this also applies to your job, money, your old laptop, your old High School. In life one thing is constant and that is change.

Happy people don’t just accept the changes they embrace it whole heartedly. It is a great challenge to do so like letting go of a relationship or just simply erasing a person a number in your phone book. It’s a difficult task but if you don’t YOU SIMPLY WON’T GROW AS A PERSON.

Add to that you also tend to screw up, sometimes we manage to screw up our whole lives because we can’t accept change and that we are too attached.

When we cling on to something we tend to screw up like money, people… The great challenge we encounter in life is appreciating everything we have and not be attached to any of it.

I really kept it short since I wanted to deliver my message short and swift....=)

-Kim Ian M. Tumblod

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