Saturday, May 29, 2010

Focus on What you Want

Focus on you Want

Did you know that whatever thoughts you focus on actually expands? Hm.. we all experienced it, TRAFFIC early in the morning. So you say to yourself at night. “I won’t be late, I won’t be late I’ll wake up early so traffic won’t get me” then during your commute to work or school TRAFFIC hits you. Your so damn angry, your gonna be late.. you focus on the negative it ruins your day…irritating isn’t it.!?

I’ll give you a true story, I had a classmate in a seminar I had a few years back his name is Michael, during the seminar we had the opportunity to share. Michael shared his thoughts he is a 31 year old accountant and is unsatisfied with his life, he gets bullied at work rarely gets a date, his boss gives him all the work and gets no credit and bills are piling up at his apartment, he complains everything about his life. Underpaid and unappreciated by the world, he focuses on how miserable his life is. He consciously thinks how disastrous his status is, he fears that he would grow old lonely and die alone on the street.


Jack Canfield one of councilors was just listening then he uttered “Don’t focus on what you don’t want FOCUS ON WHAT YOU WANT” he further explains that the more you focus your thought on things the bigger they become. So focus on what you want. I was actually surprised on what he said, I thought he would give some tips and tricks to stop Michael’s misery but he didn’t. He further explains don’t talk about them don’t think about them. To turn things around you should appreciate what you have and focus on the things that makes you happy.

About 6 months later me and Michael bumped into each other at a coffee shop, he told me that he took Mr. Canfields advice to heart and everything just turned out great. The people at his office that bullied him started to leave for some reason they did, He was also transferred to another department in his new office he had a new nicer boss. He paid his bills right and was debt free. His also dating his new officemate and things are doing great he says. What a turn around, when I first met him I felt like that man carried the whole world on his shoulders. When I saw him at the coffee shop he just felt lighter and happier.

Honestly this is so true. Think about it, have you ever had a miserable week where everything is a disaster and when you try to fix it or worry about it the worst it becomes for you?

So try this “FOCUS ON WHAT YOU WANT!!!” like being happy..or…owning that sports car and believing that you will get it and you will.

-Kim Ian M. Tumblod

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