Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Believing vs Whishing

Believing vs Whishing

The small difference of a poor man and a rich man that makes a big difference is not education nor the willpower or skills in life. It’s this thought “the rich man believes he can have it” the poor man “wishes he had it”.

Let’s defy the root words.

Wish: Something desired or longed for.

Believe: To have firm faith to expect something.

Try to talk to a poor man and he would only wish for the finer things in life and try to talk to a rich man (self made) and he believed then he worked for it (not all rich people of course there were those who born with it). Self made millionaires actually did wish they had millions but with it was the belief that it would come true. Believe it or not the universe has rules and it gives us what we want. Have you ever heard this from someone, Someone asks “How are you doing?” the other person replies “just surviving” and that’s what he exactly gets. JUST SURVIVING..

Although wishful thinking is not bad, believing in getting it is better. If you believe that you would own a sports car or a grand mansion you would eventually have it. Think of it like this “did you want something in your life and eventually you had it. It took some time to get it but you did or you do have it now… in that process I bet that you really wanted that object and you believed that you will get it a new laptop, a vacation, diamond ring etc... All because you wanted it, God said it himself “ask and it will be given to”.

Focus on what you want and you will have it. That’s the rule don’t wish for it. BELIEVE you will get it. Bill Gates was mocked at when he first tried to sell the first PC and so was his friend Steve Jobs but both believed that every household and office in the USA would need the PC and they WERE RIGHT. We are using it right now. I’m not saying sit down all day and believe you will get it, you have to WORK FOR IT and believe in it.

I believe people would read this article and you are reading right now. =)

-Park Mun Min Jeong

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