Sunday, June 13, 2010

Learn how to quit

Learn How to quit

Quiting someimes is overlooked and is considered a losers creed, but there are circumstances where we must. We must quit projects that consumes our time and effort without gain.
It is like planting pebbles in the soil, its not a seed it won't flourish into a plant. It is simply a waste of time and effort.

Let us take Andrea, Andrea always wanted to have a happy family of her own, its her dream ever since and she thinks that her boyfriend Jeff is her way to that dream "having a family"
but Jeff is an abusive guy, he verbally even physically abuses Andrea. But Andrea being so blinded of her love with Jeff and her dream to have a family. She accepts her faith and just lives on with the abuses of Jeff.

Andrea does her best to change Jeff wanting him to be the man of her dreams, that would father her children. But to no avail. His problems are internal and only he himself can change it. No one else. Probably even God since he gave us free will.

This is when we have to quit, We DO NOT QUIT OUR DREAM we QUIT OUR WAY to that dream. Let me explain, Andrea is a battered woman and she think that the only way in having her dream is through Jeff, she becomes confused about her DREAM and her PATH. So confused that she already thinks Jeff is her DREAM.

Let me make this clear..her PATH is Jeff to her DREAM but Jeff is not that DREAM.

If Andrea learns how to quit her path, realizing its no good there will be another way.

So what happens when Andrea quit?

She quits Jeff...breaks up with him she becomes lonely for a couple of months then comes John a well mannered man that treats her well. John now becomes a new PATH to her dream in having that happy family.. and he eventually is a much better path.

The scenarios are endless, different circumstances but same solution. QUIT THE PROJECT THAT DOESN'T GIVE YOU I said there just like planting pebbles.

-Don't quit every time though you must identify the things that don't work for you. Its easy to identify. There the ones that WASTE your time.

-Kim Ian M. Tumblod