Saturday, July 10, 2010

Self determination

Self Determination

Self determination. In one of our classes in college we discussed self determination. It can actually make or unbreakable a person. The person with high self determination performs well in puzzles, has high pain threshold, higher stamina and just makes better decision in life in general.

A person with high self determination sounds like this "I hold my own destiny if I work hard enough, I will win this race"

A person with low self determination however sound a bit like this
"No matter what I do I will never beat him and I will lose"

There was a case study in in the University of Seoul in S.Korea in 2007.
40 young men ages 18-22 with no social life were told to go to a club and dance with girls. 30 men were able to get a dance with a lady the other 10 were unable to do so.

After the experiment the 30 men who had a dance were asked. How did you get the lady? and they all answered the same thing . They said "I was just lucky " some even said it was because of the experiment but all of them said it felt good and 15 of the men said it could happen again . The other 10 mens with low self esteem were reinforced with the notion. I'm unlucky in life.

All in all the experiment proves 2 things.

1. People with low self esteem believes in some external force that make up their lives. They seem so helpless

2. A person who has low self esteem will need constant positive reinforcement to change his views. It doesn't have to big little things like making a new friend or winning little games can boost self esteem and inevitably self determination. =)

-Kim Ian M. Tumblod