Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Finding life's purpose

Finding life's purpose

Why am I here? Have you ever asked this question? or what is my purpose in life. To be honest with you this is a luxury question. Only the people from the first world country think about..The people from the 3rd world country on the other hand already know it but most them are unaware of it. Or there maybe there just too busy dying.

The simple answer is WE MAKE OUR OWN PURPOSE, we don't have to wait for anyone or some magical thing to happen. We create our worth, we make our own destiny and that is much much better than having to wait "What is our destiny" instead we make it happen. Why do you think God gave us free will in the first place?

Another thing, this is about finding my self thing. I'll give you a heads up SELF IS CREATED BY YOU, IT IS NOT FOUND. So even if you spend 50 years wondering who you really are you won't find it... because you have to create it.

I am a psychologist and these are just some of the basic lessons we take that most people have a little misconception about.. =)