Tuesday, August 24, 2010



I have an Uncle who I barely talk to but when I do I get so much wisdom from him. Anyway his the older brother of my mother, his the kind of man who had nothing in life but worked his way to where he is right now, which is very successful. I mean the man became vice president of a major company when he was just 37 years old.

So I wondered "How did he do it?". My grandparents didn't really have resources to send him to the best business school in the country but he did study their. So I asked him, "Why are you so successful?" he just smiled and said "well I'm not really that successful" so I replied "yes you are"

Then he said "Its the tenacity in life not to give up, when your down you don't stay down.. you get up one more time and keep moving forward." he further explained that in order to succeed you don't need to be a genius (which he was) you just need a good plan. He also told me that their were many times in his life that he was down, where he could have sat down and raised the white flag give up in life but he didn't. He told me many things that I didn't know about him.
But there was one clear message he told me its "Tenacity" when the tough gets going the going gets tough.

So that's how I learned about tenacity, I almost gave up on this blogging thing until I heard his pep talk. Which really helped..

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