Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Conversation 1 Listening

This topic comes and in 2 parts listening and talking

Conversation 1 Listening

What is the first word that comes out people mouths when they talk? Its usually “I” It kinda goes like this. I went to the pharmacy this morning, I’m going to the business trip tomorrow or I went skiing on the hills of Mount Everest. It’s always the “I”
Do this next time you have a conversation with someone OBSERVE. Do they fiddle, glance at the watch, look at the ceiling? Do they repeat what you said to just to check if they understood what you said? Or are they just waiting for you to shut up! So they can talk, most people crave for someone to listen to them
Think back in time, had you ever had a conversation with someone who seemed to be not interested with what you were saying, or wasn’t even remotely interested in talking to you. Were you irritated? If that’s the case we should remind ourselves that other people too can see if we are interested in them.

If we want to be friends with someone, we have to show that we care about them and that were interested in what they are saying “WE SHOULD LISTEN”. When we show care and interest we forget about ourselves and rarely have a problem keeping the conversation going. We stop thinking “What am I going to say next?” this also applies in the dating world if you listen, show care and interest you rarely come up short with what to say next.

If you don’t want to make an effort to care about someone its best for you to just leave, do something else. Rather than spend time with a person you don’t want to be with. If your going to talk to someone why not give them your whole attention.

Isn’t it a wonder if someone just would listen to you when you talk, a person that would give 100% attention to what your saying and really listen. So the next time you have conversation with someone try to listen with you whole attention, show care. I promise you will become a special person in that someone=)

-Ian Tumblod